7 Advantages of Letting Your Employees Work From Home

Thanks to increasingly fast and reliable internet connections along with a host of new software options, it is now more viable than ever to let your staff work from home.

advantage employees Work From Home

Give your employees the right software and they’ll be able to work on collaborative projects, answer e-mails, take calls and even attend meetings via video conferencing systems. All-in-all there are increasingly few reasons not to allow your staff to work from home and a whole host of reasons why you should. Read on for seven of them…

1. They Will Often Get More Done

Believe it or not, staff who work from home will often actually get more done than they would working from the office. This is because there will be fewer distractions in many cases, because they won’t be tired out by the commute and because they’ll have access to all the tea and comfy clothes they want. What’s more, they will feel they need to earn the right to work from home which means they’ll work to do at least as much as they would in the office and probably more.

2. They Will be Happier

This shouldn’t be understated. People who have the option to work from home can do more of the things they want to do and design their work to fit around their lifestyle. This is the way that work should be and the result is happier staff who will ultimately work better as a result and at the same time be more likely to stay with you.

3. You Will Attract Better Staff

And when you tell your prospective employees they’ll be able to work from home, they will be more likely to want to work for you – thus meaning you have the pick of the best staff rather than being everyone’s last resort.

4. You Will Appear More Forward Thinking

Let’s face it, in the next few decades working from home is going to become the norm anyway – you might as well embrace it now and thereby look like a forward thinking organization rather than a dinosaur stuck in the past.

5. You Will Cut Overheads

If your staff work from home some of the time you will be able to work with a smaller office and reduce your energy bills. You’ll still be paying them the same and as mentioned, their output will still be the same so the result will be better profit margins.

6. You’ll be More Flexible

Sometimes life throws us a curveball that we aren’t expecting. You never know what’s in store for the economy, the industry, or business as a whole.

If your workplace is flexible enough to allow staff to work from home, then it will be better at adapting to these situations. Likewise, the same systems will allow staff to work remotely while traveling!

7. You Can Look Further Afield

As your employees are no longer forced to commute into work, they won’t need to be based close to your office. That in turn means that you can branch out and start finding employees from all around the world. The result? You are no longer limited to the local talent pool, but can look farther afield to find someone perfectly suited for the job!

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